On Dec 2nd, at a zoom Delegates Assembly with 204 leaders present, CONECT welcomed 8 new member congregations and institutions, broadening even further our membership base and building our organized people and organized money power. The new members include:
• First Baptist Church, Milford
• First Church Congregational, Fairfield
• St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Fairfield
• New Haven Friends Meeting, New Haven
• Alliance for Community Empowerment, Bridgeport
• A New Beginning Recovery Homes, New Haven
• Christ Chapel New Testament Church, New Haven
• Cornerstone Community Church, Norwalk

We welcome these new members with excitement and enthusiasm. In addition to bringing great spirit, values, and talents to the mix in CONECT, they collectively represent over 5000 people and have committed over $27,000 in dues to CONECT for 2021!