SB 1, including REaL (Race, Ethnicity, and Language) data, was signed into law by Governor Lamont today! This wide-ranging piece of legislation seeks to equalize comprehensive access to mental, behavioral and physical health care in response to the pandemic.

More commonly referred to as a bill declaring racism a public health crisis, S.B. 1, through the inclusion of REaL data legislation, will aim to identify and address the racial inequities across healthcare in Connecticut through the standardization of data collection by race, ethnicity, and language. REaL data legislation has the potential to improve the quality of healthcare provided to all CT residents, and especially residents of color, by illuminating demographic healthcare trends across our state.

“REaL data is so important because what gets measured gets done. Data shapes the planning, the implementation, and the delivery of services and all grant proposals start with a needs assessment. 

With REaL data reporting, organizations will have an opportunity to present data demonstrating health inequities and seek the funding they need to provide real solutions. In this way, REaL data is pivotal to discerning REAL solutions.” – Therese LeFevre, Co-Chair of CONECT