HARTFORD, CT [May 17, 2023] – Last night, H.B. 6918: An Act Concerning Erasure of Criminal History Records was voted out of the House in a 149-1 vote. 

Rodney Moore, a tri-chair of Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut’s (CONECT) Criminal Legal Reform Team, shared the following statement in response to its passage:

“Thank you to Rep. Steven J. Stafstrom for leading on this and the full House for passing this important technical fix bill to get the Clean Slate law up and running. In 2021, when Clean Slate was signed into law, Connecticut gave its returning citizens hope for a real second chance.  

Every day that Clean Slate is not fully implemented is one less day, one less month, and one less year for people to seize the opportunities that this state agrees they deserve. Justice delayed is justice denied. H.B. 6918 is an important and necessary step towards fulfilling those promises made. We urge the Senate to vote now and quickly send this measure to the Governor’s desk.”

More information on Connecticut’s Clean Slate law can be found here.

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