What We Do



Building Relationships

CONECT’s work begins with relationships. Our team works hard to build trust in one-on-one and small group meetings both inside individual congregations and among our diverse membership. Through active listening, we discover critical issues to tackle and identify those leaders who are ready to take meaningful action.

Developing Leaders

We focus on leadership development in our communities. Through a discipline of planning, taking action, and evaluation, leaders learn the best way - ”on the job” - from their own organizing experience. CONECT also invites leaders to attend formal trainings offered locally, regionally, and nationally.

Strengthening Congregations

When appropriate and when invited, CONECT will assist our members’ efforts to organize and strengthen their own faith communities using our relationship-building and leadership development tools.

Making an Impact

Our efforts form the foundation of a powerful collective voice that demands change on the social, economic, and political issues affecting our families and our communities. Our involvement in statewide and national campaigns complements our work to make an impact on local issues like community safety, police reform, and education.

The Cycle of Organizing:

CONECT believes in the power of relationships. We begin the organizing process with relationships, and we return to rebuild and deepen those relationships again and again in the course of our work. We think of organizing as a cyclical process, rather than a linear one. The diagram below illustrates that concept, showing the key steps along the way.